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FREE Probate Tool Kit for Administrators and Executors 
Are you handling the estate of a loved one and find yourself in an overwhelming probate situation? You do not have to go about this alone.

Download this complete probate package with free help, resources and proven steps to get the most out of the estate without paying a fortune. 
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Free eBook
  • “The 7 Biggest Mistakes Most Administrators and Executors Make While Going Through Probate and How You Can Avoid Them”
How to build your team of pros
  • Don’t take this on alone
  • Make sure you find the best professionals to work for you during this difficult time
Glossary Term Cheat Sheet
  • Your shortcut to the essentials to help you stay on point
Flow Chart of Executor / Administrator Duties
  •  10 Most Important Probate Executors/Administrators Duties and Responsibilities Guide
Probate Timeline
  • Know what to expect when
  •  Boost your confidence
  •  Sleep better and avoid unwelcome surprises
Free Probate Real Estate Comparable Market Analysis
  • Know what the real estate is worth
  •  Discover best strategies and ways to move forward
Special Report - “Going Through Probate for The Inexperienced” this handy guide explains to you:
  • Step by step what you can expect
  • Key terms
  • When selling real estate makes sense or not and how to make important decisions
If you are brand new to the world of probate and find yourself in charge of the estate of a loved one, then this tool kit is for you. Your life should not get derailed because you’re missing the 
key essentials contained in this free download.

Once armed with this crucial information you’ll be in full control and be able to make better decisions. You’ll know you’ve fulfilled your duty to protect the estate and maximize the outcome for everyone involved, including yourself.

Nancy Braun

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